(Copy) Cat Bed

When I saw this cat/dog bed designed by Geerke Sticker for the first time I thought it was very good.  I’m against concrete as a fad in industrial design (I talk more about this in an essay I’m posting soon, come back and check it out), but in this case it seemed to work.  The concrete sheet is thin and the pod isn’t too big, so moving it probably isn’t that much of a problem.  Also, it keeps pets cooler in the summer and with the padding, warm in winter.  Finally, it’s easy to clean.  It can be wiped to remove dog hair and dirt, or it can even be hosed down and washed.  So it works and it looks very good.  But then I saw this:

Hepper-Cat-Pod-1 Hepper-Cat-Pod-2

This is a cat bed from Hepper.  Any similarities?  So who did it better?  Is there any merit to Geerke’s design?  What do you think?  Comment below and let your opinion be known.

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  1. This is Jed Crystal from Hepper.com. I am the designer of the original Hepper Pod Bed, which has been on the market for over 8 years.


    Geerke Sticker was clearly inspired by my design, and frankly I think it’s great that she made a one-off experiment in new materials.

    I look forward to seeing her future work, which hopefully will be new, innovative and will share her unique personal view – rather than iterating on existing products.

    If she truly shares the love for pets that I do, I welcome any new concepts for the Hepper.com brand!

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