EXO Prosthetic Leg

The EXO Prosthetic Leg is a unique prosthetic leg that is 3D printed in titanium and customized to each patient’s needs.

In the United States alone there are over 185,000 amputations annually, and over 90% of these are lower extremity amputations.  But prostheses are extremely expensive and thus inaccessible for a lot of people.  The objective of EXO is dual: to make an open-source 3D printed prosthetic leg that is more affordable than the current market offerings and to make prostheses more attractive.

The current flawed process to manufacture a prostheses requires a variety of craftsmen and technicians to customize each prosthesis to the amputee’s anatomy.  A very time consuming and expensive process wich is now obsolete.

The EXO Prosthetic Leg uses a laser scanner and FitSocket, a technology developed at MIT to capture the properties of the patient’s leg tissue to allow it a better fit between the residual limb and the socket, which is the actual connection between both of them.  The scans are then used to create a 3D mesh model of the prosthesis, and finally, the custom connectors and the mesh are 3D printed to complete the prosthesis.  The result is a beautiful, cost effective, light weight titanium prosthesis that is affordable to more people than before.


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  1. George Parris

    I want one, the EXO wire prosthethetic leg. I need a right, below the knee prothesis. Please contact Joey Neely, Hanger Prothaeticas and Orthepethediocs, 502 Princeton Rd., Johnson City, TN 37601, 423-282-5131.

    • caradecesar

      Hi George, we are not affiliated to the leg in any way, but if you google it I’m sure you can find an easy way to get one for yourself 🙂

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