Gillbert the Fish Corkscrew was designed for the True Zoo® brand by Amy Westrick from Seattle.  Her responsibilities included concept development, rapid prototyping, and design for manufacturing. The stainless steel and plastic corkscrew comes with an integrated foil cutter & bottle opener and it’s available at

Here is a brief interview with Amy:

1. Do you consider yourself an experimental innovator or a conceptual innovator?

That’s a difficult question to answer! A lot of the work I do is about simple innovations that make everyday products delightful in their function as well as their appearance.

2. Do you actively seek for inspiration or do you wait for it?

I happily embrace inspiration from all forms, whether it’s sought out or appears randomly. I’m constantly looking for inspiration through design and fashion blogs, as well as everyday life. However, some of my favorite designs have occurred in a really organic way, or even started from a play on words or a funny pun.

3. Do you have a design process or do you find you always get to the final solution without knowing how it happened?

My process in my current work usually begins with some kind of prompt or design brief. If I’m tasked to design a corkscrew, for instance, I’ll begin by doing a lot of research online to get inspired by what corkscrews are currently on the market. While I’m looking for inspiration I’ll begin sketching, often printing outline drawings of the hard points & constraints of a particular object and exploring new forms I can draw around it. I do a lot of 3D modeling and 3D printing prototypes to test designs, usually several rounds of this before an item is refined enough to prepare for manufacturing.

4. Do you consider yourself original?

I feel that’s a presumptive way to describe oneself, I have so many inspirations I’m pulling from different sources it seems difficult to claim any one thing as original. I only want to do the best work that I can and hope it’s inspiring & brings joy to others. If the market sees what I’m doing as original I would certainly be very flattered!

5. Do you procrastinate?

All the time! Sometimes the best ideas come from a total time crunch haha. I used to be terrible with procrastinating during design school (think back to all those long nights spent in the studio), but fortunately working as a professional at an in-house design studio is helping to tame that habit. I suppose I’m procrastinating less in my work life and maybe more in other areas, like doing my laundry…

Thanks Amy!

Gillbert 1