“What the hell is this?” You might be asking yourself. “Another idiotic product from an idiot designer who wants to profit on his designs?”. Yes, basically (it’s not my fault there’s so many of us). I need to earn my bread somehow. My name is César Bejarano, I’m the editor of this blog and this is my design, Shape-A-Shelf, the flexible shelf that can be shaped into almost anything!

“This shitty shelf looks like it’s not going to work…” you might be thinking to yourself. And whatever I said next, maybe you’d think: “…yeah whatever, this guy’s the designer. Of course he would say that.” So I won’t say anything (just for the record, I think it’s an awesome shelf, not a shitty one). Also, to feed your skepticism even more, I will point out some things I think can’t be done with Shape-A-Shelf.

With Shape-A-Shelf, YOU CAN’T:
-Become smarter
-Become more attractive to the opposite sex (or maybe you can?)

And what about what you can do? Well, anything that a regular shelf can do, and so much more! (Yeah right! This guy…)

I am launching a Kickstarter campaign on August 1 and need all the help I can get! If you like my shelf, please share it on Facebook or Pinterest!